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the art of selling




Hello Lover,

Fancy meeting you here. I know you because you SEE me.

You understand that sales is an art form & you appreciate the way I have mastered it.


So hello, welcome & let's have a little chat, shall we?


The dance.

The seduction.

The allure.

The art.


This is how I describe the sales process I have mastered. 


My sales process & certification course is for people desiring to master sales in a way that feels expansive, delicious & puts the POWER in your hands.


You are either controlling the sales dance OR being controlled.

You are either selling or being sold.

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EDT Malaine Butler_-4.jpg

You are here because you are GOOD at sales but you deeply desire to be extraordinary.

You are here because you are in love with the work that you do but you deeply desire for it to be in the hands of MANY.


Sales are a service, a way of breathing & when you master this you will never worry for ….








Yes, yes marketing is powerful but if you cannot close the deal forget the fancy marketing posts, reels, tiktoks. 


You need to know how to close.

You need to understand the psychology behind the sale.

You need to master the DANCE.


25 years in the sales industry

Malaine Lea Inc has been in business since 2015 & has generated over $6 million in sales revenue to date with close to

$2 million in sales in 2023.


Have supported top business companies globally in training their sales team & always increase performance by a minimum of 40 percent revenue increase.


Director of Enrollment at Momentum Education (during my helm at this position we 2x revenue & we open in LA, Seattle & NYC).


Sales Rep for Neiman Marcus, Runway SOHO, Lisa Perry & more (during which periods I was ALWAYS the #1 sales rep generating millions of dollars annually for these companies).


Bartending & Waitressing (over a decade of experience & always generating $300 plus dollars in tips when the average person would bring in ½ of that).


I have mastered the dance of sales with the combination of masculine & feminine energetics.

The Art Of Selling Academy is currently closed for registration.

Apply now to get on the 2024 waitlist to be the first to know when registration is open, and get exclusive early-bird offers!


Why Now?

Because you know like you know that sales is the cornerstone to your business success.

By the way, when you master sales you actually master life. Life my friends is ONE BIG SALES GAME.

You are either having a place & seducing the world into your services that serve you potent power, medicine & magic, or being enrolled into things that do not serve you.


The real question is….

Are you ready to let sales be fun?

Are you ready to let sales be EASY?

Are you ready to MASTER SALES by DESIGN?

Are you ready to master SALES in a way that feels expansive, delicious & amazing?

Are you ready to receive the highest sales month ever?

Are you ready to have the highest cash month ever?



The Art Of Selling Academy is currently closed for registration.

Apply now to get on the 2024 waitlist to be the first to know when registration is open, and get exclusive early-bird offers!

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The Setup

This is a certification process so once completed you will be able to feel confident in the art of sales and selling process.

You will receive a certificate & have an opportunity to join The Aligned Living Sales Team.


You will also have the formula to create success in your business with aligned selling.


Two-Month Training Process


Weekly Workshops with Access to Replays


Sacred Community with access to Q & A weekly


PDFs & Workbooks to streamline the selling process


1:1 Deep Dive Session with Malaine

to curate a customised aligned sales process for your company/business by design

About Malaine Lea Butler

Malaine is The Alignment Queen.

Also known as the go to Business Alignment Coach & Wealth Amplifier supporting purpose driven entrepreneurs to pivot & step fully into their purpose driven business to leave a legacy & amplify wealth. She has been working with purpose driven entrepreneurs for the past 9 years whilst in the transformational field for 10 years. 

Malaine has created a curriculum that is literally earth-shattering and supports people in living fully expressed abundant and wealthy lives.  The curriculum has supported hundreds of women to achieve results like multiple six figure months income, six figure launches, multiple six figure launches, sold out courses, buying their dream home, buying their dream vacation, hitting the 7 figure mark, retiring their partner and so much more.

She has developed these programs through her own experience both professionally & personally. From her bachelors in liberal arts & women’s studies, masters in education, master coach certification, doula certification, design certification, and train the trainer certification PAIRED with years of experience Malaine is the GO-TO. If hundreds of others that Malaine served can do IT, you can too!

Malaine supports you in redefining and designing who you really are from the inside out so you can pivot & step fully into your calling with your business to create a legacy & amplify your wealth. Life is divine, magical, and one that should be lived fearlessly in abundance, wealth, and prosperity. She has also been honored to be featured in places like Elephant Journal, YFS Magazine, Life Coach Magazine, Enoughness Revolution, Money Inc, Huffington Post, Goddess on the Go Events, Addicted2Success Podcast, Mindbodymusings Podcast, Illuminate Community, Badassery Magazine.


DISCLAIMER: Malaine Lea Inc. DBA Malaine Leah Butler does not guarantee results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students. All payments are in USD.

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