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retreats 2024

Hey Legend!

You are Here!

Which means, you are exploring the opportunity to come on a RETREAT with US.


What a TREAT to get away, expand, transform, and activate the NEXT LEVEL identity that is dying to come out, bursting to come out.



Can we first just say OMGGGGGGAAAAWD AH-MAZING!

We are delighted at the idea that you desire to come, and uplevel your life & business on our epic, transformative, next-level retreat experiences.


We know like we know the VIBE & PROXIMITY are everything.

After all that is how we have made MILLIONS. Literally. 


Now that the world is open and ready for travel let’s capitalize on being in the right rooms, spaces, and places that can transport and transform you.

We are big believers in IN-PERSON experiences.

YES, online is amazing AND something magical happens when you are IN THE ROOM.

We have seen it time & time again.

It is like miracle grow on your transformation.




So let’s break down all the things so you feel fully supported, shall we?


Retreat Flow 2024


January 23rd - 26th 2025

Queenstown, New Zealand


Acadia Maine, USA

July 19th - 21st, 2024


Lake Como, Italy

October 18th - 20th, 2024


Swiss Alps

December 30th 2024- January 3rd 2025

Earth and Space

Are you already frothing at the opportunity to explore the world

and evolve into the LEADER you have always been destined to be?

The work Sam & Malaine do is IDENTITY transformation.

Supporting you in releasing who you are not to activate all that you are desiring & destined to be.

Recalibrating to new heights, new levels, new wealth, new ways of LIVING.


Through Sam’s intuitive somatic embodiment work & Malaine’s masterful activated human design work,

this pair will have you leave feeling like you can….







Their motto is….


“You are literally already FUCKING wealthy now it is time to activate that identity.”

The Tiers



Includes day passes to the retreat experience.

Excludes meals or accommodations.

This gives you the ability to participate with the community, transform through the workshops and be in close proximity with Sam & Malaine.


$6,000 USD payment in full

*pay plans available

Includes the entire retreat experience.

Meals, accommodation, workshops, excursions (think massage/facial/spa day) and closer proximity with Sam & Malaine.


$15,000 USD payment in full

*pay plans available


Includes the entire retreat experience.

Meals, accommodation, workshops, excursions (think massage/facial/spa day) and THE CLOSEST proximity with Sam & Malaine.

You will stay in the same or close accommodation to have a private breakfast mastermind with Sam & Malaine.

These spots are LIMITED.


$25,000 payment in full

*pay plans available


  • What are the prices & can I do a payment plan?
    The investments are in USD & listed below. There are payment plan options always. Payment in full 999.00 USD Monthly Payment 167.00 USD
  • Will I have 1:1 attention in this container?
    While Malaine is super present in the group & providing tons of value & answers there is no 1:1 access. You can always upgrade.
  • Why this & not something else?
    I believe if you are here & drawn to read all of this likely your soul is telling you something. Trust that. I don’t compare myself to others out there because everyone brings something to the table. The work I have been doing for the past 8 years is transformative. I know that being in my space with high level community of powerhouse leaders gives you the space to step easily into alignment & your next level self.
  • Can I quit at any time?
    You are on a month to month payment plan unless you choose year to year which gives you a savings. You can cancel at any time after you fulfill the month or year you purchased.


Meet Malaine & Sam


Malaine Leah Butler

Malaine Leah Butler is a master coach & transformational business aka The Alignment Queen. Serving purpose driven leaders to transform their business so that they can prioritize family and a life of financial freedom through the modality of Human Design.

She has been running her coaching practice for 8 years, and has served hundreds of people in transforming, expanding, and upleveling their lives.

Malaine has been featured in Money INC, Huffington Post, Life Coach Magazine, Addicted to Success Podcast, Elephant Journal, Spiritual Awakening Podcast, Entrepreneur INC.

When Malaine is not serving her clients she is being a mother to Jack, Liam, Ava, step son Cameron, angel mother to Noah, shopping with a mocha in hand, or hanging with her husband in Auckland NZ.

Sam Altieri

Sam Altieri is a High Energy Speaker, Podcast Host, and Business + Activation Mentor.

Here to help multipassionate women unleash their most unapologetic expression online, activate their potential, and reach new levels of wealth, fulfillment, and financial success in their lives, relationships, and business.

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Aligned Living Community

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Please note: Malaine Lea INC is a US based business, & all prices are in USD. All payments are final w/ a no refund policy.

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