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Rach Bird


So how does this work?

Easy darling. Simply click on Purchase Now, and make payment.

Then you will be directed to get your HD chart, fill in your details and click on >> DOWNLOAD FREE PDF

You will receive an email containing detailed instructions on the necessary steps for the audit. Please ensure to thoroughly read and provide all the requested information so I can provide you with the best support & reading.

Depending on the demand, you will receive your customized audit within 7-10 business days or faster if I can.

What can you expect?

In the recorded Sales By Design Audit, I will break down how the codes in your human design are best supported in business and sales.

How to change up your systems, strategies & flow to create next-level sales.


After that, yours truly (moi/Malaine) will send the recording with my suggestions & guidance based on your design to expand your sales and financial flow in the business.

How much is the investment?

The price for your Sales By Design Audit is $555 USD. You will receive the recording and suggestions with access for life.

Sales By Design Audit is currently closed for registration

Apply now to get on the 2024 waitlist!

Be the first to know when registration is open, and get exclusive early-bird offers!


Hi Beautiful

Of course, you are here. Of course, you found this page.

Of course, at this moment you realize this is exactly what you need.

In 2015 while I was living in Kauai I found the modality of Human Design or shall I say… It found me.

I am a ⅗ Generator & woah did understanding my design change the game for me.

The few initial tweaks and shifts opened so much in my life and truly allowed me to own who I really am.

Human Design is literally the missing piece of the puzzle for so many people I met.

It is the study and science of the auric field.


When you truly understand your unique energetic design you begin to live in true alignment.

With true alignment comes flow & deep ease of allowing all you desire into your life.

Results clients report from their readings
(sometimes only days later)

✦ Restructuring daily routine & flow innately increasing revenue

✦ 4x'ing their business revenue in one year

✦ Desiring 8 new clients for the year & instead locking in 20

✦ Having the biggest financial months of their lifetime

✦ Selling in ways that feel soul-expansive & freeing

✦Sales pouring in with ease

✦Selling out offerings

✦Scaling from 6 to multi 6 figures within 6 months

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