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The Alignment Queen


With Malaine Lea


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Are you willing to do 1 social media post & 1 email blurb about being on the show? (we will create graphics if yes)

Episode recording - requirements
Podcasts require good-quality audio to make it the most enjoyable for listeners.

To be able to make sure we record a great episode, please make sure you are setup with the following:

  • Good quality microphone. This could be the mic on your good-quality headphones. Please don't use your phone/computer's built-in microphone or "speaker" as it will pick up too much background noise 

  • Headphones. Please don't join without headphones as any feedback via your computer speakers or background noise can be difficult to edit out later.

  • Stable internet connection. Unstable internet can result in audio quality dips, which are hard to resolve later on

Are you able to meet these recording requirements?

To help me create a magical episode with you, please read through and digitally sign the following Guest Agreement:

Participating as a guest on the media program entitled The Alignment Queen Show requires voice, video, photographic, and other digital recordings to be made of you, which may include your name, likeness, biographical information, opinions, and intellectual property (herein referred to as the "Assets"). By signing this Guest Agreement you grant Malaine Leah Butler (herein referred to as the "Podcaster") irrevocable consent and the exclusive right to record, edit, use, reproduce, store, exhibit, distribute, exploit, publish and promote any and all Assets, as well as any marketing and distribution materials associated with your participation in The Alignment Queen Show, in all formats and media throughout the world in perpetuity. This consent includes all informational, commercial, advertising, and promotional use of the Assets and associated materials.
By signing this form you agree that your participation in The Alignment Queen Show, the Assets and any associated materials is on a voluntary basis and without any form of royalty, fee, or compensation of any kind at any time. You agree that all Assets and associated materials are the sole property of the Podcaster, with full creative control of the Assets and associated materials remaining with the Podcaster.
By signing this form you agree to release the Podcaster from any claims, damages or liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing, reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, and transmitting these Assets and associated materials. You also agree that nothing contained in this Guest Agreement shall be construed to obligate Podcaster to use or exploit any of the rights granted or acquired by Podcaster whatsoever.

Once you send in your application, the team will review it within 48hrs.

We will then notify you by email, and if it's a good match for the show we will send you the booking link.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at:

Thanks for applying! You will hear back from us within 48hrs.

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